Coppenrath & Die Spiegelburg

Coppenrath – Children’s books with a long tradition

The publishing house Coppenrath has a long tradition. As long ago as 1768 Josef Heinrich Coppenrath from Münster founded the publishing house Coppenrath. For more than two centuries, the business was owned by his family, until the young graphic designer and publisher Wolfgang Hölker took it over in 1977. Wolfgang Hölker gave the traditional enterprise a more creative perspective with his innovative ideas leading it in an entirely new direction. The main emphasis of the company’s undertakings has continuously been children’s stories and activity books, as well as, finely designed albums, gift books for adults and decorative advent calendars. A children’s song book with a small harmonica attached to the book cover was one of his first innovative achievements. From the beginning, creating books that amused and entertained children was the fundamental philosophy of Hölker’s Coppenrath.”You have to be proud of the books that you publish”, says Hölker.

Today Coppenrath is ranked among the top German publishing houses. It is based in an old granary and in an old fire station at the harbour of Münster.

Die Spiegelburg – Creating a whole world around a book

In addition to the publishing company, Coppenrath is also known for its brand “Die Spiegelburg”, which was introduced by Wolfgang Hölker within the structure of its Coppenrath publishing house in 1992. As a result, Coppenrath became one of the first publishing houses to develop an independent merchandising section in conjunction with its publication function. Throughout the years, the publisher has adherently pursued its philosophy of creating a playful connection between the book programme with its high-quality cuddly toys and gift-item collections. “Die Spiegelburg” brought Coppenrath’s popular children’s book characters alive.
“We create a whole world around a book,” declares the publisher Wolfgang Hölker. “Children like to play with their books. They re-enact scenes and transport our printed worlds into their own world.” With Felix, the children can travel and discover foreign countries; with Princess Lillifee they can have fun dressing up, bejewelling themselves and creating a magical world – and Capt’n Sharky can quickly transform a child’s room into a pirateship.
Over the years, “Die Spiegelburg” has expanded its product line from children’s cool gift ideas into high-quality living accessories for adults.

Coppenrath & Die Spiegelburg around the world

In 2004 the export business operated by „Spiegelburg International“ was started. Since then our family of international distributors is steadily growing. Our choice of distributors is based on having the same spirit, style and “eye” for distinctive quality toys and gifts. Every partner passes on the dreams, the value and the beauty of the Spiegelburg world to the final customer. Nowadays you can find Spiegelburg toys and gift-items as well as Coppenrath advent calendars and stationary products not only in many European countries but also in Asia, South America, USA and Australia.