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The Friendly Seven


The Friendly Seven The Friendly Seven, a group of friends show how important friendship is despite their differences. Adventure, compassion, cooperativeness, friendship, these are some of the real-life messages conveyed from the beloved characters into the lives of our little ones. Lotte, the Duck, always knows everything. Bella, the Pig, high-spirited dynamic character [...]

The Friendly Seven2020-01-21T17:11:52+01:00

Capt’n Sharky


Capt’n Sharky Ahoy… All hands hoay! Capt’n Sharky and his Crew jump aboard the world of little pirates. Chasing treasures and encountering exciting adventures throughout the world, Capt’n Sharky has captured the interest of young children for more than 10 years. Dressing up like Capt’n Sharky in a pirate’s costume, hat, pistol, eye [...]

Capt’n Sharky2020-04-03T14:14:24+01:00