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Travel Time


Travel Time We believe that traveling and exploring new adventures is what makes life worth living. Travel Time, made by the Spiegelburg , is designed to provide you with the necessary accessories accompanying you and your friends through your journeys. For example, our neck pillows or coffee-to-go cups provide a comfortable and rewarding [...]

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Good Luck


Good Luck For New Year's Eve, Birthday or a forthcoming Examination - lucky pigs, shamrocks and chimney sweeper are not only popular lucky charms, but also funny presents and decoration accessories for parties. In the Good Luck Series from our Spiegelburg Collection, you will also find stationery products, lucky mushrooms and clover leaf [...]

Good Luck2020-01-21T17:08:40+01:00

T-Rex World


T-Rex World The world of dinosaurs is just as mysterious as it is fascinating. Giant creatures from prehistoric times still continue to thrill young adventurous children despite being extinct for over 65 million years. One of the most famous representatives is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, short T-Rex. He is the absolute favourite for all [...]

T-Rex World2020-01-21T17:09:04+01:00

Princess Lillifee


Princess Lillifee Princess Lillifee, a small fairy princess living in a flower castle, always ready to help her friends travels with her magic wand and spreads goodwill wherever she is present, especially among the hearts of little girls. Friendship, compassion, dignity, and appreciation for animals and nature are some of the typical themes [...]

Princess Lillifee2020-01-21T17:09:36+01:00

Horse Friends


Horse Friends Horses fascinate children, especially girls. Spiegelburg produces almost everything a horse admirer would wish for. If you would like to have Horse Friends in a girl’s room or for school-purposes, you will be impressed by an array of accessories and textiles: clothes, bags and utensils, purses, puzzles and games, just to [...]

Horse Friends2020-01-21T17:10:15+01:00

Baby Charms


Baby Charms Cuddling, playing, bathing, travelling … take advantage of Spiegelburg high-quality and trendy toys and textiles for the little ones.  Allow babies and toddlers to discover the world with all their senses! Toys that crackle and squeak, rattle and squeal. Soft comforters and blankets, cuddly and stimulating toys that give a feeling [...]

Baby Charms2020-01-21T17:11:05+01:00

Urban and Gray


Urban and Gray Here you can find everything a man needs! In a simple and distinct design, one can find many practical gift ideas for our male partners. Regardless, whether you are looking for office-related accessories, travelling essentials for the next journey or fun games for the next Night-Out with friends - we [...]

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