We are Family

„With my first book, the cookbook from Münster, I walked from one bookstore to the next trying to convince the book dealers to buy it. It was in 1972 and I was not yet 25 years old, dreaming of a breakthrough but at the same time having no clue about the book business. Right from the start my family was there to support me“, tells publisher Wolfgang Hölker.

He is running the company together with his nephiew, Dr. Lambert Scheer ,who took over the general managment of the publishing house in 2016 and his eldest daughter, Johanna Hölker, who is working for the sales and marketing department. Wolfgang Hölker’s two sisters are also still working in the company. Door-to-Door with the publishing house Siggi Hölker-Spiegelburg, the publishers wife, manages her own fashion studio.

Exactly this family fellowship characterises our thoughts and actions:

We always stick together.
We think about future generations.
We are not afraid to try something crazy.
We make products with passion.
We have a great deal of stamina.

The Team at our Headquarters

Being a traditional family business, the company values the work and dedication of its employees and distributors. They all pass on the values of the Spiegelburg fantasy world to our clients.

Currently over 160 employes work at our headquarters in Münster’s harbour. Editors, Product Designers, Busniss People, Graphic Designers – but also Theologians, Educators and Lawyers. Everyone knows: the job description in the publishing world is colourful – at Coppenrath it is even more colourful. As a result, things are created that actually don’t belong in a publishing company.

Representatives and Distributors

“Our national representatives and international distributors are not only the representatives of our products, but of our spirit and our ideas. It is them who make sure that business goes on”, says Wolfgang Hölker. Everyone who takes a look at the different showrooms, who exchanges views with our representatives and distributors about design possibilities or who just needs some advice knows that our colleagues are all experienced and committed contacts who make sure that our customers are happy.