Die Spiegelburg

In 1992, Wolfgang Hölker introduced the “Die Spiegelburg” brand within the structure of its Coppenrath publishing house. As a result, Coppenrath became one of the first publishing houses to develop an independent merchandising enterprise in conjunction with its publication function. The famous, Angel by Raffaello and the Young Hare by Albrecht Dürer, were the first products to be distributed through “Die Spiegelburg”. Throughout the years, the publisher has adherently pursued its philosophy of creating a playful connection between the book programme with its high-quality cuddly toys and gift-item collections. “Die Spiegelburg” brought Coppenrath’s popular children’s book characters alive.

The original story began in 1993 with the beloved children’s book characters from Charly the Bear and Sepp the Mouse. One year later, Coppenrath introduced the best-selling picture book series of the beloved Felix, the travelling stuffed rabbit on his world tour adventures. Subsequently after ten years, in 2004, the beautiful Princess Lillifee captured the hearts of little girls. The fairy Princess Lillifee flies with her magic wand and spreads goodwill wherever she is present, especially among the hearts of little girls.

In 2006, Capt’n Sharky, the young courageous pirate and his crew, travels the high seas chasing buried treasure chests and encountering new adventures throughout the world. Captivating the minds of small pirates, a child’s room is quickly transformed into a pirate ship, controlled by courageous privateers, with a matching flag, pistol and pirate hook. Capt’n Sharky has been a symbol for the creative little explorers dreaming of travelling with their ships around the world.

“We create a whole world around a book,” declares the publisher Wolfgang Hölker. “Children like to play with their books. They re-enact scenes and transport our printed worlds into their own world.” With Felix, the children can travel and discover foreign countries; with Princess Lillifee they can have fun dressing up, bejewelling themselves and painting their faces – and Capt’n Sharky can quickly transform a child’s room into a galleon crewed by brave buccaneers.

Over the years, “Die Spiegelburg” has expanded its product line from children’s cool gift ideas into high-quality living accessories for adults.  In the “Spiegelburg Collection” you can find original gift ideas, accessories and ornaments for the garden with cheerful spots, funny dots, and much more. Our classic Travel Time collection also provides exclusive components for your special journeys with family and friends. Not to mention, our new masculine collection, Urban & Gray, providing practical and unique accessories for sophisticated and adventurous males.  

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