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Publisher Wolfgang Hölker

An original Westphalian

Mostly known for its academic publications, Coppenrath, the publishing house has had a long tradition in the printing business.  In 1977 Wolfgang Hölker, a young graphic designer and publisher, born in 1948, took over and restructured the traditional enterprise with new innovative and creative ideas. Coppenrath commenced a new chapter in its history in an entirely new direction. Hölker started to publish children’s books. A children’s song book with a small harmonica attached to the book cover was one of his first innovative achievements. From the beginning, creating books that amused and entertained children was the fundamental philosophy of Hölker’s Coppenrath.  

Afterwards, Hölker decided to sell teddy bears, which seemed to be a ‘crazy’ idea in this time period. ‘Crazy’ is a title that makes Wolfgang Hölker happy. “When clients or visitors leave our publishing house and say, 'I have never seen such a crazy publishing house!' it makes me proud,” says the publisher.  The publishing house is located in the so-called “creative quay or dock” in Münster’s harbour district. Its captivating entrance attracts the attention of visitors and people simply walking by. Visitors are welcomed into the Coppenrath world with golden letters, sky-blue clouds painting and walk in close proximity to stony elephants through a massive red door. An innovator crossing the boundaries in the publishing world is the sense one gets being present in the building. Those who will dare to take a look inside will be even more amazed.

Aside from the numerous children’s and teenager’s books, advent calendars, there are also cuddly stuffed figures and accessories spread throughout old chairs and original antique doors and toys. “It gives me considerable delight to arrange the publishing house like this,” says Wolfgang, a graphic designer as well as a businessman, “It also looks the same at our home and my wife becomes exasperated when I go to the flea markets during the weekend…”

Wolfgang Hölker has been married for 25 years to Siggi Spiegelburg, a fashion designer, whose name is exemplified in the “Die Spiegelburg” edition. They have two children. In her fashion studio, she creates exclusive garments, from sweaters to evening dresses in colourful drapery with intricate details. “Already at the age of 20, she owned a shop which offered the entire imaginable collectors piece,” writes Vogue about Siggi Spiegelburg. Mrs. Spiegelburg is considered one of the pioneers in the new business concept of the publishing house. A concept that, the creative couple, introduced and throughout the years expanded into the publishing industry.

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