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Publishing House Coppenrath

Children’s Books with a Long Tradition

Josef Heinrich Coppenrath, a resident of Münster, took over the farm-bookshop “Perrenonsche” in 1768 and founded the publishing house Coppenrath. For more than two centuries, the business was owned by his family, until the young graphic designer and publisher Wolfgang Hölker took it over in 1977. He gave the traditional enterprise a more creative perspective with his innovative ideas leading it in an entirely new direction. Nevertheless, the main emphasis of the company’s undertakings has continuously been children’s stories and activity books, as well as, finely designed albums and decorative advent calendars.

In addition to the publishing company, Coppenrath is also known for its “Die Spiegelburg” brand. Throughout the years, the publisher has adherently pursued its philosophy of creating a playful connection between the book programme with its high-quality cuddly toys and gift-item collections. With snuggly animals, cool suitcases, stimulating games and practical school items, automatically, were the famous book characters part of a child’s life. 

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