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Creating soap bubbles is possible because the surface of a liquid substance creates a tension that leads to an elastic reaction.’ This is the dictionary description of the soap bubbles phenomenon. A child would simply say, “Oh, how beautiful.” The visions of children seem simpler – simpler than the visions of adults. Nevertheless, children want the same things we do: to live in a world they enjoy. A world that is adventurous, cool, pretty and colourful – like the World of Spiegelburg.

Founded in 1992, “Die Spiegelburg”, an independent merchandising enterprise within the structure of Coppenrath, aimed to creatively bring the famous children’s book characters and popular themes into the lives of its cheerful and imaginative small customers. The company manages several children’s book characters: Capt’n Sharky, a little adventurous and compassionate pirate; Princess Lillifee, a small fairy princess living in a flower castle who is always ready to help her friends; and, The Friendly Seven, seven friends who show how important friendship is despite their differences. Adventure, compassion, cooperativeness, friendship, these are some of the real-life messages conveyed from the beloved characters into the lives of our little ones.  

In addition, Coppenrath offers other thematic collections which inspire children in other interest-base activities. T-Rex World, accessories for all the curious dinosaur enthusiasts seeking new and fun discoveries. Horse Friends is a successful collection for all horse-loving children. Not to mention, Baby Charms, its signature trademark, is providing high-quality toys and textiles, specifically only for babies. In their early development stages, babies need to feel secure and learn how to discover all their senses; our products enable this to happen.

In 2004, Wolfgang Hölker, the proprietor of Coppenrath along with another business partner founded “Spiegelburg International”, a new enterprise within the framework of Coppenrath. Initially, the aim of Spiegelburg International was to make this beautiful world of Spiegelburg known outside of its “home” markets, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Initially, Hölker expanded Spiegelburg’s branding products to its proximate neighbours, being France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Southern Europe. Eventually, the company found new business partners not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world. We are proud to express that, currently, our products are being distributed on all five continents and sold in more than 40 countries.

Being a traditional family business, the company values the work and dedication of its employees and distributors. The employees and distributors pass on the values of the Spiegelburg fantasy world to the small and happy clients. Throughout the years, Spiegelburg International has developed a special relationship with its international distributors.  The choice of distributors is based on having the same spirit, style and “eye” for distinctive quality toys and gifts. Spiegelburg wants every customer buying its products, worldwide, to be extremely satisfied and to get the same feeling as if he or she was a guest at our inspirational and “crazy” headquarters.

There is so much more to discover about us. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our site and getting a peek at what we love to do! Please do get in touch with us to explore opportunities for possible international collaboration.

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